GIGABYTE does not leave any warranty on bent pins in the CPU socket.


Bent pins in the CPU socket on Intel based motherboards can cause many different issues like:
”Dead” motherboard, only 2 Memory DIMM slots work, one or more PCIEX slots does not work, random bluescreens or unexplainable instability and the most common one, reboot loops.
Below you can find some of the most common questions regarding bent pins.

When I opened the package the motherboard already had bent pins / After testing my system that did not work I saw some bent pins, I did not damage any pins, this was damaged before I got the board.

We do not mistrust our users but the fact is that every single motherboard that leaves our factories are manually tested and inspected before shipping out. The pins are very fragile and it can be easy to damage them without even noticing.
We have a short video of how a motherboard is made and how it is tested. You can find the video here

I have used my motherboard for some time but it has been unstable, now it wont even start, when I look at the socket there are some bent pins.

It is possible to run a motherboard with bent pins depending on which pins are bent. After a while the motherboard may stop working because while using it there have been small powersurges between bent pins, this have caused soot to form on the surrounding pins until the point where the system will not start.

Is it safe to use my motherboard if it has bent pins?

Using a motherboard with bent pins in the CPU socket can cause a short circuit and damage the motherboard and other components.

Is it possible to repair bent pins or to replace the socket?

Depending on how damaged the pins are it may be possible to bend back. Some retailers will help you with this. To replace a socket is an advanced and time consuming process:


Inet (One of the biggest retailers in the Nordics) posted the following in this matter:

”This is unfortunately a big problem for us and we end up in a very unfortunate situation because we have no reason to mistrust our customers but no manufacturer takes bent pins on the warranty since they have extremely high quality checks for this before it is shipped.

Some of the larger manufacturers even take a high resolution photo of every socket that can be traced back through the serial number. Not one of the cases where it was ”absolutely” damaged from the factory, it has proven to be so. It is something that we can confirm ourselves as we have built over 25 000 machines (Taurus / Vox and custom built to customers) and have never encountered a single motherboard with bent pins from the factory.