You need the following three files:

 HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool
BIOS File for your BRIX

Pick your model from the list
Click on the tab “Support & Downloads”
Set “Download Type” to BIOS
Download BIOS file.

Part 1: Create bootable USB flash drive:

  1. Run hpusb.exe to install the utility.
  2. Plug in you USB flash drive to your computer. (Please note that all current files will be deleted, so use an empty key)
  3. Run the program you just installed (HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool).
  4. Select your USB flash drive as your device.
  5. Choose FAT32 as file system.
  6. (Optional) Select Volume label if you want to give your USB flash drive a name.
  7. Under format options, choose create a DOS startup disk.
  8. Select ”using DOS system files located at” and point the program to the folder ”win98boot” which you just downloaded (you need to unzip this folder).
  9. Then click the start button.

Part 2:  Flash the BRIX using the bootable USB flash drive:

  1. Now when you have created your bootable USB flash drive, you need to input the BIOS.
  2. Download the latest BIOS for your BRIX.
  3. Unpack the file you just downloaded.
  4. You now see three files, AFU303.exe, flash.bat together with the BIOS file. Copy all three files to the USB flash drive.
  5. Choose ”replace all files on destination” if you get this option.
  6. Reboot your computer, and during boot press F12″ (like you normally press ”DEL” to enter BIOS”.
  7. Choose boot from USB”.
  8. You will see a Windows 98 loading screen very briefly and then get a C: prompt.
  9. Type ”flash.bat”
  10. The AMI Firmware update utility will now update your BIOS.
  11. Done!

Next time you need to change the BIOS on any GIGABYTE BRIX, you just have to follow second part because you have already prepared the USB flash drive.

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