How to update your BIOS using Q-Flash Plus on X99 motherboards

  1. Download the latest BIOS from GIGABYTE’s website.
    To download the latest BIOS for your motherboard go to and enter the model of your motherboard in the search field located in the top right corner.
    Click on the tab “Support & Downloads”
    Set “Download Type” to BIOS
    Download latest BIOS file.
  2. Format your USB thumb drive in FAT 16/32 format
  3. Extract the BIOS file archive that you downloaded and copy the BIOS image file (ie. X99SOC.F2) into your USB thumb drive
  4. IMPORTANT : Re-name the BIOS image file to “GIGABYTE.bin”qflashplus
  5. Plug in your USB thumb drive into the “White” USB 3.0 port in the back panel.
  6. Q-Flash Plus will verify that the “GIGABYTE.BIN” file’s product ID is matched with the MB ID.
  7. The BIOS update progress is indicated by the flashing onboard LED light.
  8. When the FBIOS_LED stops flashing and shows a constant light the Q-Flash Plus BIOS update is complete.